Sailing For Blondes by Joyce Matlock

Sailing for Blondes

What is holding you back from becoming a great sailor? Are you unsure in your mind exactly how to sail or what to do? What are the circumstances that cause you difficulty and confusion? Sailing For Blondes, The Simulator Book, Learn Twice as Fast and Twice as Good is the only step-by-step sailing fundamentals book known to the author that is not purely technical in its approach to sailing instruction. Each chapter in the book gives students a technical sailing concept, a fictional storyline, and lastly, the step-by-step learning dialogue on how to sail just as if they were actually on a sailboat. It keeps students engaged in an interactive way to learn sailing in the shortest, possible time. It is not dry or boring and it sparkles with life while leaving lasting knowledge!

Joyce Matlock teaches new sailors and sailors wanting to brush up on their skills to understand how to sail. This book offers one of the best-combined teaching methods for men and women you can find on sailing instruction. It includes a patent-pending, hands-on learning tool called The Simulator that firmly fixes sailing concepts into your brain. You will use the sailing simulator throughout the book to seal your understanding of what you are reading. The title is a take-off on the Dummies series of books. When you use the sailing simulator while reading the book, you will easily understand how to sail. Sailing for Blondes offers a package that includes the book, the patent-pending simulator, and the online course.

The patent-pending, sailing simulator works just like sailing a boat. If you decide to learn to sail on your own, this book and simulator will speed your learning curve enormously. If you decide to take an on-the-water sailing course, this book and the companion simulator will prepare you with your mental edge of understanding so you can get your money’s worth! The outcome will be an understanding of sailing basics and concepts and that’s what you must learn to know how to sail a boat.

Jimmy Buffett has been quoted as saying, “People who think too much before they act, don’t act too much.” Go on and purchase this book now and get on the fast track for learning how to sail!

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