How To Save The World with Shipping Containers by E Sanchez

Shipping containers

Do you want to build/own a sustainable home for as little as $40,000? Be debt-free within 5-10 years? Then you need to keep reading...

Did you know? According to Renofi, the average price of a single-family home in the U.S. could reach $382,000 by 2030. And over a 10-year span, housing prices in the U.S increased by 48.5%. Therefore, owning a home has been more essential than ever. This necessity created the innovation of shipping container homes. With a minimal budget, you can purchase and create your desired home or structure with a simple durable metal box. Giving anyone the opportunity to own a container Home, Pool, Shelter, Pop-Up, and CEA farm.

Moreover, with the growing pace of logistics and the demand for shipping containers, has not only increased its products but the millions of tons of de-commission containers. With millions of containers tossed for scrap, a new problem emerging for our future Therefore, taking the opportunity to re-purpose these containers into living units has become a global-wide solution creating cleaner environments and affordable homes for many people.

Hence, “ another man's trash, is another man’s treasure” is a valid statement when it comes to repurposing used containers.The possibilities are endless, as long as the structure is practical to create with shipping containers

Nonetheless, in this book, you will discover....

  • Learn how repurposing shipping containers is a hidden opportunity suitable for anyone
  • How to create a sustainable efficient container home for as little as $40,000
  • Why purchasing the correct type of container and utilities can make or break your project
  • How to create/own your first container Pop-Up store with little capital down.
  • Why containers are pre-built emergency shelters that can withstand natural disasters
  • How to create/own a container farm that produces 2x the amount of crops
  • Why container pools are a cheaper & better alternative than traditional swimming pools
  • Learn how to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes when constructing with containers.

And much more!!

Even if you've never heard of container homes or seen one in person.With simplified step-by-step procedures, anyone can be an expert in this topic! So what are you waiting for?

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