Say What Now?: Literary travel fiction by JG Foster

Say what now

Normally, Mareike Korn would find a lengthy visit to a foreign land thrilling. Making the trip when she’s twenty-six weeks pregnant is another matter. But when her husband’s job is temporarily relocated to the USA, keeping her family together in the late stages of her pregnancy becomes more important than being a stranger in a new place.

To keep herself sane through the ups and downs of her adventure, Mareike chronicles her experience in her bullet journal. The panic of impending parenthood. Awkward faux pas in a new culture. Getting lost on practically every outing. Whether it’s good, bad, or hilarious, Mareike jots it down for posterity.

When the experience comes to an end, will looking back allow her to see the beauty of the customs and traditions she uncovered in the mundanity of daily life? Or will nostalgia for all she’s been missing prove there truly is no place like home?