Scavenger Hunt by Meg Buchanan

Scavenger hunt

It’s just a game, but it rocks.

It’s like when you're at the river.

and your mates start jumping off the bridge.

You stand there

heart racing,

lungs pumping.

The height.

Then everything slows.

You look at the water.

Too far, but you go anyway.

And you’re falling.

and falling


the water wraps around you.

You surface, and the world has stilled.

The game is like that

except the falling goes on forever.

That’s why

me and my mates

spend most Saturday nights;

scared shitless,


stealing things, we don’t need.

When a game of dare gets out of control, Josh can’t see a way out without looking weak in front of his mates. Now the cops are getting too close for comfort.

Can he find a way to make everything right? Or are the police going to work out who is behind the random weekly thefts?

Scavenger Hunt is a stunning standalone novel. If you like risk taking and action, with a bit of romance thrown in, you'll love Meg Buchanan's coming of age adventure story.

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