The School Bully Is My Brother by Mike Bloemer

the school bully is my brother
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Shawn Farmer and Harold O’Connell have been mortal enemies ever since kindergarten, when Shawn pointed out to the entire class that Harold peed his pants. Harold also has beef with Shawn’s father, William Henry Harrison Middle School football coach Sam Farmer. So when Harold finds out his mother has been secretly dating Coach Farmer, he is understandably upset. And when Coach Farmer proposes to his mother at an all-you-can-eat buffet, it’s understandable when he completely flips.

Fortunately Harold has an ally on his side… the school bully himself, Shawn. Like Harold, Shawn realizes a merger of the Farmer and O’Connell clans will completely obliterate his standing as the most popular guy in school. Harold and Shawn form an unholy alliance and strive to stop the wedding from heck.

This task is easier said than done, however. Coach Farmer and Ms. O’Connell are deeply in love, and they’re not breaking up without a fight, no matter how many times Harold and Shawn sabotage their wedding plans. But that’s not what troubles Harold the most. What he is most troubled by is the fact that, as he and his former nemesis spend more time together, they are slowly yet surely becoming friends. At William Henry Harrison Middle School, the school bully and the school nerd becoming best buds is like a lion singing Kumbaya with a zebra. Will Harold and Shawn succeed in their dastardly plot to stop their parents’ wedding, or will they allow their emerging friendship to blossom and throw their school's social order out of whack?