Killing the Devil by Paul Michael Peters

Book Cover: Killing the Devil by Paul Michael Peters
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What would you do with the devil?

The devil is a liar. He is a deceiver, a murderer, and a cheat. The devil takes on many forms to tempt you to do wrong. But what if you could stop him? Would you give up everything to save the world from sin? There is only one catch. If you kill the devil, you take his place.

When Tex Bryant decides to rid the world of the devil, little does he know he’s going to become the very thing he despises most. His journey as the ultimate evil takes him from city to city, where he leaves only destruction in his path. Nothing can save his soul from eternal damnation . . . except perhaps the woman he never stopped loving.

Killing the Devil: A Collection of Short Stories explores the journeys of three people as they confront evil in its various forms. Each must choose between the wicked and the good.