Lost in Magadan by William Lee

Book Cover: Lost in Magadan by William Lee
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Lost in Magadan by William Lee

When an interstellar cargo ship crashes in Far East Russia, Morgan “Snap” Slade and his squad of elite super soldiers are sent to recover the valuable cargo. Major Slade’s team, Lightning Squad, believes they are equipped with the most technologically advanced battle armor and weapons on Earth; but soon find out they are little match for the Large Gray’s technology and anti-gravity fighters.

The Large Grays have been on Earth for many years now, stealthily entangling themselves in terrestrial politics and wielding their advanced knowledge as a weapon to manipulate worldly affairs. A leader among them, Nox finds himself commanding a shadow government within the Soviet Union, where he focuses on establishing a New World Order, with him at the helm. When the interstellar cargo ship crashes in Siberia, Nox knows this may be his opportunity to tips the scales of power in his favor.

Nordic aliens, known as Vitahicians, have been working closely with the Top-Secret government agency known as Majestic Twelve for decades. They work in the shadows of underground bases and do not have any diplomatic relations with the Large Gray aliens. The Vitahicians are expecting a long-awaited supply ship, the Impegi, when it unexpectedly crashes into Russian territory.

The Impegi hails from Vitahic, a planet that is over 620 light years from Earth; it could be decades before there can be another shipment. Commander Forte, and a few other survivors are tasked with preserving the valuable cargo until reinforcements can arrive. Deep within the cargo holds of the disgraced Impegi, lies huge quantities of Element 115, which is necessary in the production process of advanced, 7th generation anti-gravity fighters.

Mike Evans, a Vitahician, has been stuck on Earth for over 70 years. He is tired of his mundane existence in underground military bases, and has taken a brief vacation to contemplate his future. At the beach, Mike meets a beautiful woman, and his fate is forever shifted.

Major Slade and Lightning Squad must race to secure the priceless cargo before the Russians and Large Grays seize it for themselves. Will Major Slade and Lightning Squad be able to recover the Element-115? Or will the Russians, aided by the Large Grays, seize the cargo, and control over earth’s skies for generations to come? This action-packed, science fiction thriller is a must read for anyone that loves stories about alien agendas, coverups, shadow governments, conspiracies theories, alternate history, and techno-thrillers.