Together Again: A Second Chance Romance by Aria Ford

Together again by Aria Ford

The last time I saw Brett, it was backstage when I was a top dancer, and he was a hot, famous athlete.

This time around, after an injury ending my career, I’m waiting tables and he’s still the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.
He’s charming and sexy, and I can’t resist him.
Our sizzling fling suddenly turns serious—his dark past catches up with him.
After we both lost nearly everything, he makes the both of us feel like we can own the world.
Brett’s got a secret that could get us killed, and suddenly we’re on the run together.
I just hope I can trust him to keep me safe. This is more than just a blazing affair.
I’ve fallen in love with him—with the hottest, most dangerous man I ever met.

Does he really love me? Or will this be the mistake I never live to see the end of?