The Shameless Series Boxed Set by Meli Raine

Shameless series
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Five years ago, Jane helped presidential candidate’s daughter Lindsay after an unspeakable crime. Now it’s Jane who stands accused, caught at the heart of a presidential candidate’s scandal that threatens her very life.

As people in her life turn up dead, she swears she’s innocent, but forces around her continue to make her look like the betrayer — and possibly, the murderer.

Can her bodyguard, Silas, save her?

Better yet — can he trust her as the two fight an attraction that could put them both in danger?

Or is Jane not who she seems?
The Shameless Series Boxed Set takes A Shameless Little Con, A Shameless Little Lie, and A Shameless Little Bet and gives you the entire trilogy in one pulse-pounding read.

Get the audiobook, narrated by Virginia Rose and Aaron Shedlock, as well and give your imagination a wild ride!