Siege of Lightning by R.J. Pineiro

Siege of lightning by RJ Pineiro
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The Martian and Apollo 13 meet Tom Clancy in this gripping scientific thriller.

"A first-rate thriller delivered by a seasoned pro.  Last year had Andy Weir's The Martian; this year's clear torch-bearer is Pineiro." --Open Letters Monthly on The Fall
"A brilliant tale of industrial espionage and sabotage."--Nelson DeMille
Years before NASA planned to travel to Mars,
and before the International Space Station ever reached orbit,
the future of America's space program hung in the balance . . .
In this exciting alternate-history novel, the technicians at NASA hoped to create a fail-safe shuttle in the wake of the CHALLENGER disaster.  With the brand-new space shuttle LIGHTNING, all systems were go . . .Then lightning struck twice.
America's greatest technological achievement has been sabotaged.
 First an engine malfunctions. Then, another. Now LIGHTNING is
desperately trying to land, racing against time--and a
powerful and unseen enemy will do anything to make the first flight
of LIGHTNING its last . . .
"An insider's look at the secretive world of space exploration. Truly a good read."
--Nelson DeMille, Bestselling author of The Gold Coast and The Charm School
"Chilling . . . a riveting climax."
--Joe Weber, bestselling author of DEFCON One"Heart stopping . . . one of the best thrillers of the year."
--Charles Ryan, author of The Capricorn Quadrant"Gripping, spine-tingling and explosively brilliant . . . Pineiro might just be the next Michael Crichton!"
--Guy Durham, author of Stealth and Extreme Prejudice