The smallest creatures

A young man agrees to drive an older woman and her grand-daughter from New Orleans to her trailer in Nashville - a road trip that goes from bad to worse.

Exhausted from over-work and suffering from the humidity of a scorching summer, David has little idea what awaits him when he agrees to this act of kindness.

As he drives the decrepit overloaded car north, hungover and agitated David attracts the unwelcome attention of the traffic police, suspicious of his intentions.

Further, he is drawn into the strange world of Martha, who begins to confuse him with her daughter's partner, recently killed in a road accident.

As cabin fever sets in, and his companion's behavior becomes increasingly erratic - flirtatious, salacious, hostile, vindictive - David begins to realize he is in danger.

Quite what type of danger will come as a nasty surprise. The trouble is, David is so caught up in the situation that even when he clearly sees the threat coming, he drives straight into it.

THE SMALLEST CREATURES is the second novel by Dan McNay. Readers will love his original style and captivating voice. Look out for his first novel, UNDER THE COLD STONES, available on Kindle and in paperback, and free on Kindle Unlimited, and his latest ALMOST.