Solidarity by Andrew Wallace


The year 1967 was a time of great strife, conflict, division . . . and hope. In one rural Indiana town, five teenagers of different races and backgrounds are about to graduate high school and experience the world on their own.

This circle of close friends have enjoyed their childhoods together, but they are about to experience life-changing events when Lee, a young black man, is unwillingly drafted into the Army, leaving his love interest, Julie, the young white woman he’s grown attached to, and their three close white friends whom he considers his brother and sisters.

The couple shares a hidden romance, not daring to tell their parents, yet knowing that someday they’ll have no choice. While enduring the dramatic privations of the Vietnam War, Lee’s friends back home are all occupied with college and work, but soon they will also be affected by the underlying tides of the times involving the war protests in Chicago as well as working for a suspected crime boss, and an introspective outlook on who they are as individuals and what they truly mean to each other.

Their relationships will be tested in the conflicts to come, and their destinies will be written in stone that will last forever.