The Soul of America Speaks by Dr. Kymn Harvin

the soul of america

In These Unprecedented Times You Might Ask, “What does the Soul of America have to say?”

Believe it or not, she is here, and has a lot to say... if we are humble enough to ask and quiet enough to listen.

Author Dr. Kymn Harvin dared to ask... and listen. In these pages she gives voice to the Soul of America, who shares powerful and heartfelt words for healing and thriving as individuals and as a country.

If you are seeking personal growth, standing for our nation’s resilience, wanting to make peace with the past and experience more happiness, this book is for you. Allow the Soul of America to lead you on a life-changing journey to:

  • Be liberated from traumas, fears and self-doubt
  • Become an artist of life and creator of joy
  • See yourself and others as truly sacred beings
  • Experience America’s love and care for you
  • Serve our country and her people well by setting your Self free

Read this book slowly cover to cover, randomly select messages by opening to any page, or choose a topic from the index. Whatever your approach, tune in to America’s Soul and receive her timely guidance and stirring messages. She is here to serve all who ask.

Invite the Soul of America to speak with you and to be a companion on your journey through life… beginning now.

Dr. Kymn Harvin is an Associate Professor at The State University of New York Empire State College, teaching leadership that nurtures the human spirit, culture transformation and spirituality in the workplace. Much to her surprise, during a writing retreat she connected with and began receiving messages from the Soul of America. Dr. Harvin has shared these messages with students, clients and global audiences. She is humbled and blessed to now share them with you.


People are sacred.

You are. All are.

Each and every person is a sacred being.

No matter their lot in life, no matter their birthplace, no matter what they have done or not done, people are sacred.

Life is sacred.

Embracing this sacredness is, in itself, sacred.

Life radically alters when this seeps into our very bones and sources our actions. Imagine our nation--and the world--if everyone lived this truth.

Then, what looks impossible becomes possible. An America that works for everyone is within reach. A world that works for everyone is possible. The sacred begins with you, Dear One.

You are being called to live this truth in every corner of your life.People are sacred. Including you.

How will you answer this call?