Spencer University Cozy Mystery Boxed Set by Laina Turner

(A Spencer University Cozy Mystery)

Spencer university cozy mystery boxed set
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First 3 books in the Spencer University Cozy Mystery books PLUS 2 bonus books.

Death by Suspenders Spencer University Cozy Mystery Book 1

The exciting first day of school turns to murder!

Olivia and Polly get to Spencer University ready for the first day of fall classes. They are excited about meeting new students and kicking off a fantastic year when instead, one of their co-workers, David, is found hanging in the academic building.

David wasn’t always the most well-liked colleague, but Olivia and Polly can’t even imagine who would kill him. Is one of their co-workers a murderer? If so, was campus safe or should they be worried about what might happen next time there was a difference of opinion at a faculty meeting?

Textbook Murder Spencer University Cozy Mystery Book 2

Chloe gets more than she bargained for when she starts a teaching career at Spencer University. Can she find a killer before she’s the next victim?

Chloe is a law professor who has accepted a one-year teaching contract at Spencer University Law School. She was hoping it would be the start of her dream career. However, what should have been a quiet summer teaching was anything but that when she finds Bill, the professor she replaced, murdered in his office.

She’s curious to find out more because Bill had taken leave to defend alleged embezzler Randall Whittier. It is a high-profile case, and she assumes they are related.

After meeting Randall and chatting with him, she finds him to be a likable guy, and her gut tells her he’s innocent. But the question remains, who killed Bill? And who broke into Chloe's car and house? Someone is looking for something, but what?

Killer Classes Spencer University Cozy Mystery Book 3

Education is important. Who knew it was also dangerous!

Fall semester is starting at Spencer University, and Olivia is looking forward to an uneventful school year.

However, when the president of the university, Thaddeus Stoddard, doesn't show up for the fall kick-off meeting, it looks like things will be anything but normal.

His wife Candy comes to Olivia for help, but Olivia isn't convinced he's missing. When Candy receives a ransom note, and one of the Thaddeus' colleagues said he was about to divorce Candy because she was cheating, it doesn’t look good for Candy’s husband.

Can Olivia find out the truth before it's too late and the President goes missing forever?

Friends and Foes A Read Wine Bookstore Cozy Mystery PREQUEL

Trixie is finally living her dream of opening a bookstore called Read Wine, but someone doesn’t want her to succeed. Can she figure out who is standing in her way before her dreams go up in smoke?

Just when they think they are close to opening Read Wine, strange things start to occur. Someone trashes their store mere days before they are to open. Then Sally gets stranded when someone puts sugar in her gas tank. And the competition in town is not happy another coffee option is opening.

Who has it in for them? Is someone trying to sabotage Read Wine?

Switched Up

Sterling Towne decided to take a last-minute vacation to a sunny paradise to cheer herself up after a divorce. When the airline misplaces her luggage, she thinks it's just a typical airline snafu until she gets the wrong luggage returned to her. The suitcase belongs to someone who thought it was a good idea to transport a gold Buddha statue via commercial airlines in a checked bag.

Sterling turns the statue into hotel security for safe keeping, but then her room is ransacked. She’s also pretty sure there was someone following her in town. Does the owner of the statue think she still has it? But if so, why not just ask?