Spirit Talker (The Seers Book 1) by Theresa Dale

Spirit Talker

The first book in a new series from the author that brought you the Rose's Ghost Trilogy and Asylum.

Shya’s no stranger to events of the paranormal sort – the women in her family have passed down their strange gifts for as long as they know. But the early loss of her mother has meant far less guidance for Shya than they’d both hoped for, and now she finds herself floundering as she faces darker elements of the spirit world.
She’s grateful for her friends in The Seers group… at least they take her seriously, and even provide insight she couldn’t have gleaned herself, thanks to their incredible collection of supernatural gifts. But none of them are prepared for the fight that looms ahead, and it’s not only a possessed child’s life that hangs in the balance – the demon wants Shya most of all.

Will The Seers succeed in saving both souls when Shya’s gifts are turned to work against her?

Join Shya and The Seers on an adventure that will have you in its grips and leave you wanting more.