Brother’s Best Friend Unwrapped by Aria Ford

Book Cover: Brother's Best Friend Unwrapped by Aria Ford

Brother's Best Friend Unwrapped by Aria Ford

He’s my brother’s best friend.

Back in high school, I gave him my heart. He broke it and left to join the Army.

Now he’s at my brother’s house for our family Christmas. I know I should run, go back home before I let Carson hurt me again. But I can’t disappoint my brother’s kids by leaving.

He’s still gorgeous and arrogant, but the pain in his eyes draws me in.

I can’t resist him. This sizzling attraction is stronger than ever.

Every stolen kiss, every secret rendezvous just makes me fall deeper for him. We’re sneaking around my brother’s house like teenagers, hot and breathless.

But something’s wrong—he keeps pushing me away, wrestling his own demons from the war—I want to be there for him and make him forget everything else but us. What if he won’t let me?

Maybe this is my chance to be naughty for Christmas. Or maybe he’s the answer to all my dreams.