Cabin Fever by Rye Hart

Book Cover: Cabin Fever by Rye Hart

Cabin Fever by Rye Hart

He's staring at me like I'm his prey.
And, I'm finding it hard to look away.
The temperature outside may be subzero.
But I can feel my body heat rising dangerously high.
He’s surrendering to the animal inside & I’m yearning for what’s to come.

There she was, lost, scared and alone.
And f*cking gorgeous.
Whitney's a city girl with enough nerve to drive any man wild.
I swore off human contact.
But, she's making it hard for me to keep that promise.
She wants to know about my time as a doctor in the Navy.
And why I refuse to serve another patient.
I may have saved her life, but she doesn't owe a thing.
The former lawyer belongs in a courtroom - not in my cabin.
So, after this storm plays its course, she's going back.
Even if she may be the best damn thing to happen to me.

70,000+words in this full length standalone romance. Bonus content included after the main story, including a new secret baby romance. Grab your copy today.