Earth – Last Sanctuary (Definitive Edition) by Christian Kallias

Earth-Last Sanctuary by Christian Kallias
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The Obsidian Empire has shattered the Star Alliance. Lieutenant Chase Athanatos manages to escape their wrath, piloting his fighter to lead a band of survivors to the edge of the a little planet called Earth.

But Earth is in trouble. The Empire is hot on their trail, and unless Chase can find a way to stop them, what remains of the Alliance is doomed to extinction.

Unbeknownst to him, something dormant is coursing through Chase's blood. Something ancient.

But does it hold the key to changing their destiny?

For fans of Star Wars, Stargate, BSG & B5.

This Definitive Edition of Earth - Last Sanctuary contains the Bonus Novella: Ryonna's Wrath. This particular story is now exclusive to this book.