Stop Killing Houseplants by Harrison James

Stop killing houseplants

Your beginner-friendly guide to raising plants for a healthy, stress-free home

Are you passionate about growing plants indoors?

Do you want to fill your home with some stress-relieving and toxin-absorbing greenery?

Are you afraid you’ll end up failing to take care of them all?

From a study published by NASA, the air purification properties of a number of house plant species have been recognized — these plants are excellent in scrubbing the air clean of cancer-causing organic compounds.

And it’s not just physical benefits that these plants bring into your home. Another study found that they also have a soothing, stress-relieving effect on you—whether kept at home or in your office.

It is because of these many therapeutic and productivity benefits that indoor plants have gained popularity.

And as the demand for indoor plants rises, so do concerns on how to keep them from dying.

If you find yourself in this dilemma, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

When considering to raise even a single indoor plant, your biggest concern is always how to keep it from dying. There is no one-size-fits-all template to raising plants; each plant has different needs.

So, how do you keep your plants fresh so that they keep your indoors fresh?

The answer is simple, and it begins with understanding plants the easy way.

In Stop Killing Houseplants, you will discover:

  • 40+ beginner-friendly plant profiles to get your started – presented in a clear and accessible format (including orchards, succulents, cacti, carnivorous plants, and more!)
  • A complete breakdown of where and how to keep your plants based on the direction of your windows, the seasons, and the weather
  • A comprehensive guide on how to water plants (including different types of water you can use)
  • How to make the perfect potting soil mix – discover a range of materials and fertilizers to boost plant growth
  • DIY compost pile – the how-tos on making nutrient-rich compost to help your plants thrive
  • Expert tips on repotting, plus 8 ways to propagate your plants – make your gardening life easy and affordable
  • 10 step-by-step DIY methods to create your very own indoor garden
  • An A-Z of common plant pests and diseases – and how to fix them

And much more.

Raising indoor plants isn’t rocket science — you can make this your very own clean and green hobby that gives a great deal of satisfaction and also improves your health.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to be a plant parent!