Stuck with the Enemy Boss by Zelene Heath

Stuck with the enemy boss by Zelene Heath
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My Boss, The Billionaire Heartthrob ❤️ He's older, richer, and totally single.

He's the ultimate eye-candy playing my fake fiancé to shield his empire.
At least, that's his brilliant scheme.

Turns out, his arrogance matches his looks.
He struts around like he's the king, and his eyes follow me.

His hands? They've got some kind of magic.

Guess what? I'm in a pickle.

So get this, I agreed to be his pretend fiancée.
And now I'm stuck like glue.

We had a deal.
And we swore this was all an act.

Somehow, I said yes to being his fake fiancée.
Trapped in this charade.

I almost declined.
I definitely should've said NO.

How do I tell a guy who's not into relationships that I'm dangerously close to having genuine feelings for him?