The Study by Kathy Garthwaite

the study


Many of the inhabitants of a Vancouver Island town are gathered at the local castle for the opening of a time capsule buried some forty years ago. But the event comes to an abrupt halt when the heir to the estate is found dead in his study.

Once RCMP sergeant Marlowe Flint determines a murder has taken place, she quickly directs her team to discover who did it and why. But she is thrown a curve ball when a witness reports that she saw the mayor, the detective’s current boyfriend, at the scene of the crime.

In the absence of other solid leads, Flint begins to question her own judgement. The key to the mystery lies somewhere in the study.

Who else was there? And what did the capsule contain that might drive someone to murder?

THE STUDY is the second book by Kathy Garthwaite about detective Marlowe Flint, look out for the first, THE ALLEY. Readers will also enjoy her three-book RMCP Inspector William Gibson series, which begins with MURDER ON VANCOUVER ISLAND.