Success Guaranteed by Dawn Marcotte

Success guaranteed

The internet is the single best way for someone who doesn't have any business experience to create financial freedom. It doesn't matter if you have health issues, young children to care for, no background in business, no college education, or no experience. The internet is the great equalizer.

But there are lies in the industry of building an online business that make us feel like failures. Marketing tactics that constantly highlight how well others are doing, when we are still struggling to find our first client. Unrealistic expectations of how fast our business will grow, even though we can’t seem to get a process that has worked for others to work for us. These are just some of the things new entrepreneurs struggle with the first year in business. It can feel so overwhelming, stressful and discouraging that many people just give up.

This book addresses 9 of those lies and shares the wisdom and experience of more than 20 entrepreneurs who are living their dream today. We share insights and practical tips on how to overcome the mindsets these lies can create.

If you want to learn how to overcome the lies that cause so many entrepreneurs give up before they build their financial freedom then this book is a must read one for you.