Summary & Analysis of Women Rowing North by Mary Pipher

Summary & Analysis Women rowing north

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The savvy septuagenarian dives straight into the raw complexities of aging, emphasizing how older women are capable of vitality and happiness. A slow pull up the river, she shows how crafting emotional resilience and an uplifting narrative is essential for contentment; and gratitude as we age.

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  • Synopsis of the original book
  • Key takeaways from each chapter
  • Personal stories from five different women and their struggles
  • Sage advice on how to improve your life as you age
  • Life lessons every women should learn
  • Editorial Review
  • Background on Mary Pipher

About the Original Book:

An old hand at a good story, Mary Pipher explores the theme of women aging as an arduous but deeply fulfilling journey up the river—intentional, beautiful, and raw. She takes her patients, friends, and personal anecdotes and shows how emotional resilience can be achieved after sixty. It’s about relationships, perspective, beauty, humor, engagement, and overcoming.

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