Sweat the Small Stuff by Milo Kemp

Sweat the small stuff

Do you want to lose weight and get that body you are proud to look back at in the mirror but always seem to lose motivation to workout after a few months or even weeks? Then keep reading…..
It always seems to happen, you start out at the gym full of enthusiasm excited to start this journey towards a body that you will be proud of; one your other half will love too. you go a few times a week you have seen some quick progress and are starting to feel good.
But a month or two in and you hit that progress plateau and then maybe one evening you take the day off; after all it was a really hard day at work. Soon the times you do go just don’t seem worth it as you aren’t seeing progress anymore and the gym stops being prioritised.
With 82% of new members quitting or going less than once a week within 5 months though, you are not alone! And it may have been sooner if it wasn’t for being tied into contracts. Struggling with motivation is a problem that most people face and breaking through that progress plateau is never easy.
But don’t worry I am going to teach you what the other 18% of people know about how to stay motivated and you won’t believe how simple it is.
You will find out:

  • The real reason you keep losing motivation
  • How to tap into the winning mindset
  • The little changes that make a huge difference
  • Secrets to successfully staying motivated
  • How to break through the progress plateau even when you never have before
  • The difference between internal and external motivation
  • How to set goals that you will reach

These are tried and tested methods that have worked for all the people I have coached in fitness and are applicable in all parts of life and it will work for you as well; you just haven’t been shown by the right person before.
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