A Sweetheart for Sophie by Gillian Mayne

A sweetheart for sophie
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Lotus Season Book 1

A sweet caring nurse. A wealthy driven artist. One unusual offer could see them clashing over more than a sparkly shoe...

Sophie has always stood by her fiancé, supporting his career since college. But after a serious illness leaves her scarred, he abandons her. Stranded with only part-time work, she must take a job as a live-in nurse to survive.

Javier is a talented artist who has invested all his passion and drive to build up his prestigious design store. Business always comes first, just as his successful mother taught him. But when he encounters Sophie arguing with his sales assistant, he's captivated and proposes something he has never offered a customer before.

Feeling humiliated, Sophie flees into the night, swearing off men forever. Javier soon realizes in his attempt to help that he'd upset her, and his business reputation could be at risk. Conscious that he must make amends, Javier goes on a cross-country journey to find her.

A Sweetheart for Sophie is a sweet contemporary romance. If you like believable characters, heart-warming journeys, and compelling reads, then you'll love this uplifting story from author Gillian Mayne.

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