Talking S. H. I. T. by Jacob Paul Patchen

Social, Humorous, and Inspirational Thoughts

Talking S.H.I.T

We are a strange breed of animal, running around glued to our screens and social medias. We hardly notice anything real anymore. Our friends are a number on a webpage, and the only way that we know if someone is into us, is if they like our post, photo or status. We’ve become digital. Emotional wrecks of capital letters and emojis. We live and breathe for notifications.

Our knowledge comes from Google, not experience. Our rebellions and resistances happen on webpages. We fight people that we don’t even know.

Relationships are a battlefield for the loyal and good-hearted. We care more about pouty lips and bulging abs than we do about homeless veterans, wars, freedom, and morality. We’d rather make fun of you, than have fun with you. We’d rather tear you down than to let others see our own weaknesses. We’d rather hate, than love.

This book is a collaboration of my social/humor blog.