Tarot Made Simply by Ella Hokanson

Tarot made simple

A Beginner Guide to Tarot Including How to Get Started, Card Meanings, & Spreads in Order to Achieve a Deeper Connection With Yourself & the World Around You

Gain clarity on your life’s journey and tap into your full potential with this 600-year-old practice.

Do you feel like life is constantly pulling you in opposite directions?

Do you wish you knew exactly what choice to make all the time?

Are you bursting with questions about your life, but having a hard time finding answers?

One of the oldest myths about becoming an adult is that you’re supposed to have your life figured out by the time you turn 30.

From your teachers to your parents and even your closest friends – everyone’s told you that you need to choose a career and make something of yourself.

But here’s the truth about life that NO ONE is willing to admit: Nobody has their life figured out...and they certainly can’t figure out yours.

Because even if you spend hours studying the habits of the richest and most “successful” people in the world, the actions that bring fame and fortune to one person may do absolutely nothing for you.

Now, you might think that modern science has uncovered the secret formula to living a happy and meaningful life.

However, the problem with science is that it can’t teach you anything about what you should do with your life. No matter how much scientific knowledge you stuff into your brain, facts alone won’t help you find your spiritual bearings.

But if you’re looking for a strategy to help shine a light on your path, without any complicated scientific jargon, this ancient approach to understanding life will open your eyes to a world of potential.

In fact, this method is so accurate that it’s been practiced continuously since the 14th century to offer guidance to those who feel lost.

And now, you too can apply this method yourself to find the right direction in your life.

In Tarot Made Simple, you’ll discover:

  • The top 9 common myths about tarot cards, and what tarot card reading is really about
  • The 5 basic steps you need to take before completing your first reading — don’t try anything until you’ve done THIS
  • How to pick your first tarot deck by “listening” to it
  • The key differences between authentic tarot decks and other types of spiritual cards — look out for these telltale signs
  • 4 important factors to consider when setting up your space for readings
  • How to protect your deck and yourself from negative energies
  • The specific type of tarot cards that may reveal powerful truths about your future
  • Step-by-step instructions for performing your first tarot card reading and connecting to your intuition
  • The best way to ensure your readings end on a positive note
  • How to use “playing cards” to spark your motivation and personal growth

And much more.

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars to get your fortune told by so-called psychics.

With Tarot Made Simple, you’ll find all the essential knowledge you need to conduct your own readings all by yourself.

Even if you’ve never heard of tarot cards before, this book is written in simple, straightforward terms. So you don’t have to worry about getting lost in technical explanations.

Stop scouring the internet for the ultimate “cheatsheet” to life. Master the art of tarot reading instead, and illuminate your path to happiness.