The Teaching Today Series books 1, 2 & 3 by Selena Watts

Teaching today

Teaching Yourself to Teach

In Teaching Yourself to Teach, you will discover:


  • 8+ types of learners that will help you appraise your students and come up with the best teaching strategies for each one of them
  • Blended learning techniques that allow you to incorporate digital tools in your real-life classrooms to enhance the learning experience
  • A guidebook on classroom management, that will help even the most inexperienced teacher establish authority from the start
  • Numerous tips and strategies for boosting motivation and inspiring students to excel in your class, even if you have some that are currently struggling
  • Simple lesson planning instructions, carefully designed to make sure your classes are of the highest educational quality
  • Tips on how to deal with problematic students and help them overcome their various learning issues


Teaching Online

In Teaching Online, you will discover:


  • The difference between classroom and online teaching, and how you can successfully apply real-life teaching methods to virtual media
  • Types of online classes and courses you can combine to provide the best learning experience for your students
  • A complete online-teaching glossary, so you’ll never again get confused by all the high-tech teaching jargon
  • Simple, but efficient online teaching practices that will help you create engaging and highly educational learning content
  • A comprehensive guide on online teaching tools, including class management and parent-teacher communication tools
  • Numerous tips and strategies to ease you into the world of online teaching, from adapting class material to choosing the best online grading system
  • Strategies for combining classroom and online teaching to help you create influential blended learning courses


Creating Online Courses

In Creating Online Courses, you will discover:


  • 6 incredibly simple steps for creating a killer online course from scratch
  • Bulletproof marketing strategies that work like a charm and will crush your competition
  • Tactics for choosing the most profitable niche and topics for building your online course, even if you don’t have a clear idea of which direction you want to go in
  • The best E-learning platforms to choose from based on your personal preferences and niche
  • How to use social media to promote your course and have it stand out in the market within just a few weeks after launch
  • Straightforward guidance on how best to organize the content of your course to help you attract a broad audience
  • Pricing strategies that will enable you to work less for more money (Hello, vacation!)
  • Common beginner’s mistakes to avoid, allowing you to streamline the process and get ever-closer to achieving your online business goals


And much more.