Tech-Pecked Or Tuned In by Linda Newton

Finding God In A Digital World

Tech-pecked or tuned in

/Tech pecked/: The condition that results in tech users anxiously responding to every ping, ding, or buzz, real or imagined, as a result of their constant dependence on digital connections.

Are digital distractions constantly interrupting your concentration?

Do you find yourself obsessed by how many “Likes” you get on a post or pic on social media?

Despite the number of online “friends” you have, do you still feel like no one really knows you?

Does your online life consume time you need to cultivate real-life relationships with family members, with friends, and with God?

If you need to balance your i-Life and your real life, or if you are craving deeper relationships with other people and with God, this book has the tools you need. This useful guide provides practical insights to motivate you to move from tech- pecked to tech-checked as you seek to take the best of what the digital world has to offer without becoming enslaved to it. You will read success stories of real people with real struggles who have learned how to manage alert overload and tune in to a daily connection with God that offers satisfaction and peace.