Technical Analysis Explained by Malcolm Birch

Technical Analysis Explained by Malcolm Birch

Have you ever desired to improve your trading and investment skills? Do you have trouble understanding what technical analysis is all about? Are you fed up with attempting to comprehend candlestick trading and charting? Have you attempted to read a variety of materials? Do you feel as though you have not made any progress? If that is the case, this book is ideal for you.

You see, using the concepts of technical analysis and charting to take control of your trading journey on your own is not as tough as you would believe. It is not difficult. Even though you have done your hardest to grasp the notion, do not give up just yet! I am sure you have experimented with various reading mediums. It would have been difficult for you to complete reading those items.

Even if you read them all, you may feel as though you wasted your time. As I already said, do not give up just yet. The reality is, it is a lot easier/simpler than you think.

Experienced and well vast professional trader Malcolm Birch has decided to be your guide to understanding every possible thing about technical analysis, charting, and charting patterns.

In Technical Analysis Explained: Candlestick Trading, Charting, and Technical Analysis Master Class, you will discover:

  • What is and how to use technical analysis in the simplest way possible.
  • Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis
  • The underlying assumptions of technical analysis
  • The pros and cons of technical analysis
  • The relevant technical indicators that you will need
  • What Candlestick Charts is and its pattern types
  • You will learn how you possibly make profits from Candlestick charts
  • How To Read and understand a Candlestick Chart
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Candlestick Charts
  • You will get familiarized with concepts like marubozo, white candlestick Doji and upside Tasuki gap, Relative Strength Index, engulfing candle,
  • What Fibonacci really is
  • Important trading strategies
  • What and how moving average works and so much more!

Imagine how you’ll feel once you can make delicate but wise trading decisions with technical analysis.
So even if you feel like you cannot be an excellent trader or a novice, you can be with Technical Analysis Explained: Candlestick Trading, Charting, and Technical Analysis Master Class.