Tetrastatum: A Novel by Dr Richard and Tim Smith

Book Cover: Tetrastatum: A Novel by Dr Richard and Tim Smith
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“People will be immersed in the concepts of translating other parallel universe ideas into visual/image interpretations of external quantum relativity theories.” —Stephen Hawking

What if the laws of physics as we understand them are incomplete, only half of the equations that explain reality? Mankind has been blinded by the light, searching for answers in the photonic (material) universe while the truths are concealed beyond the shutter speed of our biological cameras. One day, an image processor evolves. Schrödinger’s equation is finally interpreted correctly by Dr. Richard revealing that the dualistic imaginary solution prior thereto discarded by physicists is actually the key to mankind’s quest to answer the unanswerable. What happens to me after I die? What is the ultimate source and origin of creation? What is reality? Dr. Richard’s equations bring forth the darkness of the imaginary (non-matter) universes unraveling the mysteries of space-time giving mankind full comprehension of the miraculous nature of the essence of reality, the fourth state, Tetrastatum. Only, Dr. Richard is too late! The world we once knew has been destroyed by man’s greed and exists only in a thotonic, non-matter state. The only hope to restore the planet Earth is Dr. Tim Smith. In the material world that once existed, Tim Smith was the head of the Quantum Teleportation Program at DARPA and a “Time Smith” in the non-matter thotonic universes whose shadows persist. Unfortunately, mankind’s last hope, Dr. Smith is quite clearly, insane.

“I think therefore I am,” says Descartes’s thotonic skeleton of the past. Tetrastatum is the ultimate test of Descartes’s philosophical truth. We are transported through the tunnel of institutionalized insanity as helpless voyeurs perceiving existence through Smith’s eyes as a non-matter image freely flowing in all space-time universes. Dr. Smith’s complete mental meltdown takes us on a dualistic journey as a “Time Smith” exploring the meaning of reality and the human psyche.

Tetrastatum introduces and uses the principles of PsychothotonixSM which is the measurement and control of human perceptions and related human behavior patterns based on space-time imaging. Both the PsychothotonixSM and photonic effects embedded in the novel are a subset of the accepted laws of physics and extended to augment the entertainment experience. Tetrastatum introduces novice readers to basic physics concepts as well as puts forth illuminating theories for the most advanced physicist to ponder. Topics include quantum teleportation, the extension of Schrödinger’s wave function to reveal imaginary “thotonic” universes, the extension of Euclidean (x,y,z,t) real physical space-time in photonic (matter) universes to also include Dr. Richard’s thotonic (non-matter) imaginary space-time paradigm (ix,iy,iz,it), Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, the acceleration of matter beyond the speed of light escaping the light cone traveling to non-matter universes, Twins Paradox, slow light lasers, using phase conjugation mirrors to reverse time, applied spectroscopy in bio-medical applications, laser hologram effects capturing four-dimensional space, hyperspectral imaging cameras, the interpretation of the second law of thermodynamics applied to reversing social entropy-chaos to a state of harmonic inclusion, immersion into four-dimensional nonlinear space-time giving the reader an understanding of “conscious control” an invaluable tool sharpening self-empowerment skills leaving the reader with the knowledge of the certainty of their own ability to alter the future.