Summary & Analysis of The Body

 A Guide to Bill Bryson's Book

Summary & Analysis of The Body

Bryson quips his individual brand to a vast and curious topic, and the result is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to the entire human body. You’ll learn something, and you may even like it.

What does this SNAP Summary Include?

  • Synopsis of the original book
  • Key takeaways from each chapter
  • A guide to how every part of your body works--from the brain and nerves to the skeleton and immune system
  • A detailed discussion of pain,disease, and how we can get the most out of our bodies.
  • Editorial Review
  • Background on Bill Bryson

About the Original Book:

Bill Bryson has written a beginner’s guide to the human body with more than enough to keep you chewing on it for hours. It is a tome of information about one of the most complicated, yet fascinating things on earth, and there is still so much we do not know. From top to bottom, and inside out, it is one of those books that makes you realize that the more you know, the more there is to find out. You’ll never look at yourself in the mirror the same way again.