The Hacker Who Became No One by A. J. Jameson

The Hacker Who Became No One by A. J. Jameson
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What is the price of life? How many evil acts does it cost to lose one’s right to live? These are the questions plaguing Axel Hoffmann, a computer hacker being extorted by a digitized overseer called Little Eye. The glue that binds them, besides Little Eye’s growing sense of parental love, is the Cyber Conflict Control Unit (C3U), an underground organization suspected of killing innocents.

Tasked with improving societal cohesion, C3U’s four squads of highly-trained operatives move like shadows through the city, stimulating growth through disaster. The only obstacle they can’t seem to overcome is the leech of a hacker that’s constantly draining their energy.

Internal complications have also arisen within C3U. Lies uncovered by the surrogate daughter and son of the organization’s terminally ill leader snip at the seams. What happens when the core of your identity—name, birthday, and history—comes under the scrutiny of being completely fabricated? What happens to the value of another’s life when yours no longer exists?