Things Unseen by David T Isaak

Things unseen by David T Isaak

Can you trust a clue no one else can see?

Emotionally frigid Walker Clayborne has always preferred the stability of the rock formations he studies to the unpredictable people around him. A cold and unaffectionate upbringing allowed him and his siblings to drift — until the murder of his sister, Claire, propels Walker into a volatile world of strong ideals and spiritual mysticism.

Moved to unearth the truth, Walker visits his sister’s community in search of answers. There he discovers knowledge that challenges his scientific viewpoints — but that offers to reveal crucial clues about Claire’s last minutes.

But in the absence of hard evidence, Walker finds himself at odds with the legal system. And when a friend claims she has “seen” the murder, he must make choices about how to know—and believe—in a world of uncertainty.

Things Unseen is a murder mystery that challenges us to cross and recross the intersections between faith and rationality as we navigate the boundaries of the seen and unseen world.