THINKING by Andrew MacDonald

Thinking by Andrew MacDonald

Discover the Mindset you need in order to be successful

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You’re about to discover the mindset you need to transform your life for the better by equipping you with the power to control and change your thoughts to overcome all your problems and manifest your desired reality.

If you often find yourself stuck in problems, engulfed with struggles and experience chronic analysis paralysis that keeps you from making well-informed decisions, don’t blame fate. While luck does play some role in our lives, that influence is not as huge as the one you have on your own life.

Yes, you read that right. We are the ones who truly manifest our reality through our thoughts, emotions, actions, behavior and decisions. Your thoughts shape your feelings which in turn influence your attitude that affects your behavior that consequently molds your decisions. If you are bombarded with problems from every possible direction, it is likely you are creating that reality for yourself.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

  • How to overcome Imposter syndrome
  • How adding a single word such as ‘yet’ to your language can have a huge impact on your life
  • How to become solution-focused individual
  • What is the CATWOE method
  • Building Mind maps

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