The Time Arrow by Samuel Ruggiero

The time arrow

How far would you go to change events in your life? That is the question Peter Danville has to ask himself in The Time Arrow, a new novel from first-time author Samuel Ruggiero. Peter, a successful trauma surgeon and a Civil War reenactor, is a well-known figure in the Atlanta area. However, it’s his grandfather, Dr. David Danville, who is the true star. He has been making medical discoveries for over four decades. Now, he has made one that will change the course of humanity.But before he can make his research public, his life is tragically taken during a mugging in the parking ramp as he was making his way to give his presentation. Devastated, Peter doesn’t know what to do. He seeks comfort from his wife, Mollie, though the loss of Grandpop, as he is affectionately called by Peter, has caused some dormant conflicts between them to bubble to the surface.Peter then turns to Max Gottlieb, a Physicist and friend of Grandpop, who may have a way to get Grandpop back. So Peter is confronted with that question: How far is he willing to go to change the events of his life?