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Total Departure
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Total Departure: Time travel action and adventure romance by Andrew Reeves

Victim of a failed time travel experiment, young David has become mentally separated from his physical mass... by 100 years!

His body, unable to leave the confines of the time travel chamber, is slowly dying, unable to be safely nourished - mentally David is a hundred years in the future, trapped like a ghost in a chamber sized bubble in the one-storey house of a beautiful girl his own age called Mary Brown, who lives with her mother in the ruins of London on the site of the old time chamber, which has been destroyed in the Greatest Ever War.

In order for David to make a 'total departure' to the time he has arrived in, he must forge an emotional bond with Mary and strengthen his link with the future time in order to physically leave the past - and the invisible chamber walls - behind.

But explorers from a far-flung future are travelling back to rescue David from his massless predicament, having discovered lost records of the failed time travel experiment. But the last thing anyone expects is... David doesn't want to be rescued. He has fallen for Mary Brown.

A heart-warming tale scattered across the centuries, exploring relationships and consequences of time travel never before encountered in modern science.