Transcendence by H.G. Ahedi

Transcendence by H.G. Ahedi
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World War II has forced Zane Carter to become a survivor, a fierce soldier and a godless man whose hands are covered in blood. After a horrendous explosion he finds himself trapped in Nazi-occupied France.

With no means of escape, Zane endeavors to stay low, but it is not easy surviving behind enemy lines. Every day he is tormented by the horrors of war, his tumultuous past, and strange visions. He wishes nothing but death.

As days pass, Zane discovers that the world around him is not what it appears to be. A dark force, far more dangerous than the Nazis, looms in the shadows. As he begins to put the pieces together, he discovers that he is a soldier fighting more than one war, in a broken world and he is running out of time. If he fails, he could not only lose his life, but also jeopardize the future of Humanity.