Teasing Turns Intimate by Alessandra De Ville

With the Touch of a Tropical Sting

Teasing turns intimate by Alessandra De Ville

As a handsome entrepreneur seeks to explore a new business venture in his home town of Philipsburg, St. Maarten, two single ladies and cofounders of one of the largest women’s intimate apparel companies in America begin brainstorming exotic vacation ideas for one another.

In New York, best friends, and owners of Sizzling Women’s Intimate Apparel, Stacy and Sharon prepare for the release of two new product lines. As their business flourishes into its 15th year, Sharon and Stacy, weathered by their dominating roles in the organization, begin to fantasize about a vacation break away from the stress. Unable to leave in tandem without anyone they can rely on to run the business, the ladies must decide who gets to go on vacation first.

As one lucky lady earns her spot as the traveler, the other friend has the enjoyment of planning her trip. It can be to anywhere, to do anything. The catch: the traveler must be stripped of their desire for control in some way, in order to circumvent the anxiety, power and control caused from being at the office. Removal of such control has been agreed upon by both parties to include any appropriate means imaginable, as long as they are provided a safe word.