Trying To Be Good: A Bad Boy Love Story by Weston Parker

Trying To Be Good - A Bad Boy Love Story by Weston Parker

Every time I start to fall in love, my past gets in the way.

But the latest woman beckons me to wake up and live again.
She needs a beautiful skyscraper built. Something that will cause the world to stand in awe, and I’m just the guy to do it.
Teaching architecture is just a way of staying busy.
Idle hands are the devil's playground. I should know.
I’ve danced with him a time or two.
Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Never is.
Some bad guys have been threatening her. To get them to back off, they only want one thing - me.
Where no woman was worth it before, this one is.

Being bad is easy. I’m working hard this time on trying to be good.

Every good girl deserves a bad boy. ~ Weston