Her Ultimate Pleasure by David DeCitore

Her ultimate pleasure

Men, do you want to be the lover that gives your woman her ultimate pleasure?

Women, do you want to enjoy easier, stronger, and multiple orgasms while experiencing a deep connection with your lover?

If the answer is YES, then keep on reading.

This book provides scientific research that shows women have stronger and more orgasms from anal sex. The content demonstrates a proven, pleasurable, and caring method to arouse a woman's body and mind so she can experience her ultimate orgasms, which include anal stimulation.

This is a detailed step-by-step guide that gradually and painlessly enables couples to enjoy the pleasures of anal sexuality. You will learn the techniques that make the process orgasmic for her.

There are illustrations with explanations on what to do and how to take it slow to build trust with her, so she experiences only pleasure. The advice in other resources (books, articles, videos) for anal sex provides minor tips that tell couples to use lots of lube and take it "slow." However, the resources do not explain HOW to go slow; therefore, the ambiguity leads to bad experiences. A detailed explanation on how to go "slow" in a pleasurable manner is especially important when introducing anal sex because if you mess up once, you probably won't get another try!

That is the story of many women who have tried it once but won't again because their partners went too fast, and it hurt! This book solves that problem. You will discover precisely how to take it slow in a way that will arouse and pleasure her every step of the way. She will enjoy the arousal process, and have stronger, more pleasurable orgasms while having deeply connected sex! Over the last decade, the content has benefited thousands of couples across 12 countries.

What makes this book different:

1. The research and science of why women have more and stronger orgasms with anal stimulation.

2. An effective strategy that arouses her body and seduces the mind by using small steps to build trust and increase pleasure over time. You are not going to try it only one night, but guide her through pleasurable steps that span across multiple nights so she craves the next step. In addition, you will learn a variety of pleasuring techniques for oral sex and vaginal intercourse.

3. A detailed, step-by-step system that defines "how to take it slow," The 7 Nights to Ecstasy System for beginners, The 3 Night Delight System for couples with anal play experience, and The Custom System for your specific situation.

4. A proven method for associating pleasures she already loves with anal stimulation, the SEPOR Method.

5. 82 Illustrations that: a) communicate what to do and how; b) provide the content in a sensual and artistic fashion; and c) are designed to progressively arouse the female reader to try anal play throughout the system.

6. My recommendations on the best anal toys and lubes (with a lube comparison chart and 24 products) for the intro phase.

7. Hygiene strategies that will make preparation a hot experience.

8. Advanced anal play and positions (26) with illustrations and more detail on how to do them and other resources.

9. Chapter summaries for easy review.

10. The combination of the step-by-step system, number of instructional illustrations, arousal techniques, and entry techniques are not in any other book, DVD, online video, blog, or web articles.

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