The Ultimate Secrets of Intelligence by Alicia Wilcox

The ultimate secrets of intelligence

Intelligent people rarely look like intelligent people. The Ultimate Secrets of Intelligence traverses the flaws of our contemporary understanding of intelligence, including Imposter Syndrome, pseudo-intellectuals, and The Pygmalion Effect. Wilcox reveals unrecognized points of ignorance in a captivatingly honest way. She offers solutions for the debates and complexities of what it means to be intelligent, and a foundational, shocking pattern is revealed from the overarching ignorance. This pattern bridges the gap between the strikingly narrow vision of intelligence and it’s true form. Sourcing its revelations from both human nature and concrete data, The Ultimate Secrets of Intelligence gives a practical and inspiring groundwork in order to tap into your intellect. Intelligence has the power to foster a society in which revolutionary ideas are not only communicated, but enacted by their very birthplace: the intelligent mind itself.