HER RANCHER STEPSONS – ultra steamy romance by Chastity Skye

Book Cover: HER RANCHER STEPSONS - ultra steamy romance by Chastity Skye

When Kelly’s much older husband is away for the weekend on business, she is left alone with her two 24 year old stepsons. Ryan is the rough and tumble rancher, hardworking, not afraid to get his hands dirty and determined to make a success of the ranch. He’s also struggling with the feelings he has for Kelly.

Reece, Ryan’s twin, is the businessman. Suits and ties rather than boots and cowboy hats fill his world, but he also struggles with a secret…and when the secrets come out into the open, all hell will break loose and none of them will be the same again.

While Ryan is sweet and understanding, Reece is dark and brooding, but one thing is for sure, they are both incredibly hot, and both know how to treat a woman.

As Kelly struggles with her role in their lives and her failing marriage, things begin to heat up…and not just the Texas weather.

This romance contains steamy scenes intended for those who are of an appropriate age. The themes include PI, MILF, and M/F/M menage.