The unholy Books of Tristan Wrangler by Don Both

The unholy Books of Tristan Wrangler (Tristan Wrangler Series Book 1) by Don Both

Mia Angel, 18 years old, chubby, avid eyeglasses wearer, from a poor background, nickname Turkey, is the personification of an unpopular teenager. As if this was not enough, ever since first grade she has been head-over-heels in love with the absolute womanizing, Tristan ‘Sexy’ Wrangler — naturally, without any reciprocation from the arrogant Macho.

One morning, thanks to an alcohol-induced faux pas, he finds himself waking up in bed with Turkey in his arms. This is absolutely devastating to his esteemed reputation. Always on Saturdays: However, he notices that although Mia doesn’t conform to the perfect supermodel image, which is his usual type, she has other qualities and even the power to, quite unintentionally, rob him of his hormone-charged mind...

First off, a few important opinions when it comes to books. From readers:

"I really loved this book. Mia is not stick thin, confident or popular. She is a smart, genuine, real and beautiful girl. She is like us!"

"You can never look at things as only black and white; you must look behind people’s facade to recognize their true nature. You want to continue following the characters... beyond the ending."

"A book full of unconditional love, boundless envy, hatred, and self-abandonment to the point of being painful. A book, frank and vulgar, yet realistic."

"Something like this has been missing lately! Shameless word usage and an unrestrained storyline!"

Things you experience while reading this book: heart palpitations, weeping, laughter, trembling, shaking, rejoicing, and suffering. The vocabulary will be enhanced for all of a sudden you’ll be cussing all the time and taking urgently needed cold showers in between!