The Unlikely Adventures of Joe and Nick by L. Arrowood

The unlikely adventures of Joe and Nick
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A tale of two friends as they grow up in separate parts of the country, but are destined to meet and become friends. This is a tale worthy of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. We follow their hilarious, wacky, zany, misadventures from early years through adulthood. Learn the proper application of electricity. Learn about snow skiing. Motivational techniques for soccer players.

How to open a frozen padlock in temperatures below zero. And most of all learn about friends.

A must read for all ages for this year and every year.

Top Reviews:
"This book is really great and I enjoyed it a lot. I am going to have a stern talk with your brother about getting that stereo for your car. Those loud stereos can be bad for your hearing!" - Lee's Mom

"Really enjoyable book. I don't know about that rubber tree that wouldn't split, but the rest of it was very fun!" - Lee's Dad

"I laughed until I had tears streaming down my face. Could not put the book down. When I did and tried to work, I kept wondering what was going to happen next with Joe and Nick. Caused me to get behind in my work until I finished it. Great book!" - Lee's Friend

"I hope everyone enjoys it. I didn't read it. I've listened to Lee's stories for the past 25+ years. The first couple times they were funny, but after that I've heard them all." - Lee's Wife