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Dating - Men's Do's And Don't's by Alex Johnson

Men, let's face it.
Strategizing and knowing the do's and don't's is an important method for getting a desired result.
Looking for the affection or love of a woman is the same because with conscious strategy and suited techniques you can melt the heart of a woman. She needs to be valued and cherished for her identity - not for what you can get from her.
Every single man wants to know the mystery of attracting women.
Hence, in this Kindle book, I have simplified the mystery of dating women down to 6 steps:

Step 1 - Finding The Right Types Of Women
Step 2 - What Women Want
Step 3 - Basic Men Grooming Tips
Step 4 - Approach A Woman
Step 5 - Wooing Her
Step 6 - Additional Do's And Don't's In Dating

In today's world, most of us are extremely busy and thus have very little time to spend reading a 200+ pages dating instruction manual.
So, I have made this snappy but power read.
The quality of a book is never determined by its length. I can point out many Kindle books that are short and yet, they are powerful and life changing books. I can also point out many Kindle books that are 200+ pages and are only filled with fluff and don't provide much value to the reader. What determines the quality of a book is the value and usefulness of the information the book provides.
Hence, don't give the simplicity a chance to misdirect you.