Book Cover:

PLASTIC JESUS by Borne Wilder

Plastic Jesus is a gritty look at the world through the eyes of a serial killer.
There was no mercy shown, no quarter given and no punches pulled in the writing of this book. It is hard and shocking in places, but a lot of fun.

This book parallels the similarities and delves into the differences of Golbert Cobblepot, (serial killer) and Officer Percival Manners (self-proclaimed alpha-wolf, officer of the law), from their abuse riddled youth, to adulthood. Plastic Jesus takes a hard, unblinking look at their insanity and the conditions which made them crazy.

Though, they come from completely different backgrounds and philosophies of life, they share a common denominator and when their lives finally intersect, they will both seek salvation from an unlikely source.

It’s an outside the box, look at what’s inside the box.
Life isn’t pretty and salvation doesn’t always come to those who want it.

This book will have you wanting find a safe place to rest your eyes, but you'll be unable to look away.