The Virgin Clause by Caprice Langden

(The Calegaris Book 1)

The Virgin Clause

He’s my best friend's older brother; the man I always wanted but couldn't have. He wasn't my type - tall, dark... dangerous. My stomach flip-flopped whenever he was around, and I got so tongue-tied I could never get words out of my mouth. But it didn't matter. He never talked to me. Barely knew I existed. So why did I just spend the last decade dreaming about him? I'm shy, quiet… still a virgin. A man like Dante Calegari would never be interested in a girl like me. But I made up my mind. I wanted him, so, I made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

She thinks I don't know how she feels, thinks she's hidden it all from me. She couldn't be more wrong. I've known Noemi since she was twelve years old. I watched her grow up. She was sweet back then; a little shy, too quiet. Never talked to me. Just smiled, nodded, and walked away. Then the sweet girl I knew went away to college, traveled the world and came home to torment me. But it could never happen between us. I'm a ruthless killer and she's the girl next door.
Then she made me an offer that changed things. She handed me what I needed: a pass to my own personal paradise, or a one-way ticket to Hell, depending on how you looked at it. She gave me permission to ruin her. She asked me to agree to the Virgin Clause and I wasn't strong enough to say 'no.'
Now, she's all mine.
If I can keep her alive.

*** This book ends with a cliff hanger to be resolved in book two, The Virgin Temptation, releasing in Spring 2020.