A Vision of Empathy by Dunkle Deed

A vision of empathy

A Vision of Empathy is entertaining, funny, heart-warming and inspirational; and for the autism community and beyond, it is destined to make long-lasting changes for the better.

"Empathetic, professionally illustrated & insightful." - Anna Kennedy OBE, Founder, Autism's Got Talent

Noah does some bizarre things. Most of everything he does is peculiar. Why? Sadey thinks there's just no explanation! But with the help of some amazing animals and crazy critters, Sadey gets a glimpse inside of Noah's world and learns that, just maybe, there's a reason for everything!

A Vision of Empathy is autism awareness and anti-bullying at its finest. With an engaging story and beautiful illustrations, it will leave a mark in the minds of all who read it.

By following Sadey, as she embarks on a journey of discovery, the reader is introduced to several widely misunderstood autistic traits. One by one, the reason for each becomes clear, and when things are clear, they are accepted as 'normal'. The lesson occurs naturally, in a genuinely entertaining story.

Every behaviour is a form of communication; every action connected to a person's emotions, thoughts, values and wishes. A Vision of Empathy explores this concept by showing the world as Noah sees it. The results are illuminating for all.

Perfect for children and siblings

"Paul could identify and relate to this book so much. Amelia asked if she had empathy because she looks after Lucas and helps Paul. I told her we all have empathy, but she has the special empathy described in this book. I can not thank you enough for sharing this beautiful story with us. It is truly beautiful and accessible to children in understanding what is different about us that we sometimes can't see, and what is similar about us too. A great subject and fantastic stimulus to open up some wonderful discussion. - Ms T. Martin, Autism Nan and Year 3 Teacher.

Perfect for parents

"This book is absolutely beautiful. It really is a true reflection, and totally got me! Never have I read such an amazing book with a lump in my throat and tears streaming down my face. I am off to give my amazing lad a huge cuddle!" - Mrs C. Davies, Autism Mum & Assistant Teacher

Perfect for professionals

"This imaginative story builds the bridge of empathy". - Dr W. Lawson (PhD. CPschol AFBSs), Prominent Autistic Professional

Perfect for schools and teachers

"It brought tears to my eyes. Every child needs to read it!" - Mrs L. Griffiths, Year 6 Class Teacher

Perfect for SENCos and support staff

"I absolutely loved it. I wasn't expecting [spoiler], and it gave me a shock. From then on, I was hooked waiting for other crazy things to happen. The illustrations were so emotive, and the story was beautifully written. This book could be useful for learning mentors also as they have many books for explaining tricky situations to children. This would be perfect for a child who was being unkind to someone different. I genuinely loved the book; I'd definitely buy it!" - Mrs V. Marsland, Autism Mum & SENCo