The Wayfaring Diaries by Justin Fenech

The Wayfaring Diaries by Justin Fenech

"To Sophie, wherever you go, you’re never far from me."

This is the dedication that opens The Wayfaring Diaries. A series of diaries that tells not only the story of one man, Leo Flores, but also his lifelong infatuation with his childhood fancy, Sophie.

Leo Flores is a nomad. When life begins to settle down he begins to look for reasons to be unhappy. And when he starts to believe his self-made unhappiness he does the one thing he truly enjoys: he runs away.

Wherever he travels, be it to the bullrings of Spain or the football stadiums of England, he chases the shadow of the only constant in his life: Sophie. And when one day, at a casino in Monte Carlo, the two of them meet again after 20 years, they start a relationship that will last two lifetimes.

The two of them become travel buddies – huckleberry friends, as they call each other – and together they visit the carpeted streets of Iran and the haunting Mexican nights of the dead. Now, whenever Leo needs to run away, he runs to Sophie. But the two of them know nothing of each other’s lives back home. All they know is the road. And Sophie is harbouring a secret which will challenge not only their relationship but the entire meaning of their lives.

The Wayfaring Diaries is a travel novel that traces the lives of two people; a biography told in travel.